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SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock's Character

SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock is created by calling West German technicians together to research with the most advanced software protection technology and a large amount of money. As to the hardware design, we exclusively import the MCU-BOX, which is widely used in West German banking. Its unique MCU smart circuit design has made its data "protection" as the top one in the world. Also, this product's manufacturing completely conform with strict NIST, so it has the best "quality stability". Up to date, all general protection locks sold on the market use ASIC or EEPROM as the hardware design circuit. Due to their simple design and easy-to-crack, they are easy to be cracked, and their circuit design's stability is very bad. Thus, it does not only protect    your product invalidly, but also    damage your product's image and increase the cost of technical maintenance service.

SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock's "MCU" hardware circuit design is much different from other locks designed by ASIC or EEPROM circuit on the market. Using "MCU" as main hardware protection design circuit has the following advantages:

  • Complete Protection

MCU's circuit design has both characteristics of "complication" and "variation". It can simultaneously make a "smart" run-time variation to internal data and prevent those people with some purposes from cracking your protection by simulators.

  • Complete Stability

MCU's quite low operation voltage makes it available for a user's complicated environment, and never effects your product's normal operation for keeping your product's image.

               McAMOS Technology provides SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock users with powerful API for complying with multilingual software development environments. And due above advantages, SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock can provide your product with more effects than other locks on the market. Besides, it can also     keep the best quality image for your product due to its great stability.    

SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock's Hardware Architecture

SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock is a 4.7cm (L) x 2cm (W) x 0.9cm (H) blue hardware lock, and it is available for standard USB ports complying with USB 1.1 or greater. SmartLock USB Hardware Lock is mainly composed of 8bits MCU and low-power required EEPROM. Within this lock, 105Bytes memory is provided for a software development company's use.

Available Platform

Windows 98/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows 7/8/10

Linux Platform

Hardware Requirements


  • Win98/98SE/Me/NT4.0 Workstation: 166MHZ or greater
  • Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Home, Pro: 300MHZ or greater


  • Win98/98SE/Me/NT4.0 Workstation: 32MB or more
  • Win2000 Pro: 64MB or more
  • Win XP Home, Pro: 128MB or more
  • at least 5MB HDD capacity


Q1: What is SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock?

A1:McAMOS Technology (Ltd.) has spent 1 year for successfully developing SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock by successful experience of SmartLock Pro.SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock is offered to software development companies for protecting their hard-developed softwares from illegal steal, and for protecting their own rights. Because SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock is used on PC USB port, we name it as SmartLock USB.

Q2: Which elements are used to develop SmartLock USB Hardware Lock?

A2: SmartLock USB is mainly composed of 8-bit MCU and 1024-byte EEPROM. Due to its design with 8-bit MCU, it is a software protection lock with the highest protectiveness among all protection locks.

Q3: How much capacity for data storage does SmartLock USB Hardware Lock have?

A3: SmartLock USB Hardware Lock provides software development companies with 105-byte data storage for using, and with this 105-byte storage, software development companies can randomly write-in/read-out important data to/from the storage and use it to make an exact and sophisticated protection.

Q4: Does SmartLock USB Hardware Lock's internal EEPROM have the limitation to write-in frequency?

A4: SmartLock USB Hardware Lock's internal EEPROM is a higher write-proof product. According to EEPROM's ex-factory test data, now SmartLock USB Hardware Lock's internal EEPROM's write-proof degree is 2,000,000 times; according to McAMOS Technology Engineering Department's test, it can stand with write-in up to3,000,000 times without any fault. So, the conservative data write-in number is 2,000,000 times.

Q5: Which version of USB standard does SmartLock USB conform with?

A5: SmartLock USB Hardware Lock is completely designed by USB 1.1 standard, if your computer is equipped with USB ports that conform with USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 standard, you can use SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock.

Q6: Under which software OS can SmartLock USB Hardware Lock be used?

A6: SmartLock USB Hardware Lock is designed by Windows 32 bits development environment, and it is completely compatible with Windows 98, ME and Windows NT 2000 windows OS.

Q7: Do I need to install another driver while in the first install ofSmartLock USB Hardware Lock?

A7: The SmartLock USB, which is developed by McAMOS Technology, is completely designed by USB 1.1 technical standard. Becasue Microsoft's Windows system already has a built-inUSB 1.1 standard driver, the user of SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock doesn't need to install additional drivers. As long as Windows system's USB device works normally, the SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock will be available.

Q8: Does SmartLock USB Hardware Lock conform with plug and play standard?

A8: Yes.SmartLock USBHardware Lock completely conforms with USB technical standard, and therefore it completely conforms with play & play operation standard.

Q9: Which functions does SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock provide?

A9: At present, SmartLock USB Software Protection Lock provides the software development company with the following functions. 

1. Read Byte

2. Write Byte 

3. 105 bytes Data Read

4. 105 bytes Data Write At Once

5. Data File Encoding

6. Data File Decoding

      By interactively using above-mentioned functions, the software development company will be able to construct secure protection. 

Q10: If I serially connect SmartLock Pro andSmartLock USB at the same time, do they conflict with each other?

A10: No. Due to SmartLock Pro and SmartLock USB use different device standards for their hardware architecture (SmartLock Pro's design conforms with D-type 25 PINS printer port standard, and SmartLock USB's design conforms with USB 1.1 standard; the devices they conform with are totally different), they will not conflict with each other.



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